The Good, the Bad and the Honest

I’m a giant fan of the Goodreads site and use it for all my reading needs, from keeping track of what I’ve read to finding new and interesting books for my to read-list. Its most useful aspect, however, is often other users’ reviews of books I’m considering. Goodreads has saved me hours of my life that I would otherwise have wasted on a book I ended up hating or not finishing, so I want to talk about reading reviews.

Specifically, I want to talk about reading reviews instead of reading books.

(CW: non-graphic discussion of sexual and physical abuse, slavery)

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Why Put Off Until Tomorrow

Mark Twain was a cheeky bastard, but I’m assuming he was in favour of procrastination instead of warning against its dangers when he said, “Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.” This is true when it comes to writing essays and doing the laundry. As much as I’m a fan, however, I’ve come to intensely dislike the second cousin twice removed of procrastination: some day. (Also known as one of these days, one day and when I have the time to.)

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Pickup is not what YOU think it is, either

So I was stomping around the internet, inwardly fuming about gamer girls and sexism and the way lad’s mags constantly underestimate men, when I ran into this YouTube video which was advertized to me as “how to use a sex toy in public with no consequence” and “the boys from Simple Pickup do charity”. Okay, yeah; if you know me, you know that I abhor the mentality of PUA’s and the whole phenomenon in general – women are not goddamn puzzle games, guys! the cake is a lie – but their idea to donate the money to an organization that works to prevent female circumcision sounded good, so I decided to hold my horses for a bit and take a better look before raining fire on them on Facebook.

… Well. I should have remembered what my friends told me about putting unrealistic expectations on anything I find on the internet.

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